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Thatching in 2013

Two buildings are being thatched at the Museum in 2013.

Work on Hambrook barn will take place from 18th March until 26th April and then the  house from Walderton will be thatched this autumn.              

At these times on-site we have a chance to take part in a free pre-booked hands-on thatching session, look at the exhibition and watch the thatchers (Chris, Andy and Connor) at work.

     Our schools roof is at ground level         Close up photo of the spars and a bond     Ducks nest on the roof; not this year!

Below is some brief information for teachers to use before or after their visit.

Thatching through the ages (pdf)  (or word version)

Thatching tools and techniques (pdf)  (or word version)

Thatching wordsearch (pdf)  (or word version)

     The display in Titchfield Market Hall              Work begins on Hambrook barn              Combed wheat reed is ready to use